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Petitions for Raif Badawi: There are a large number of online petitions for Raif Badawi and Waleed Abu Khair. Please find below all petitions we could find. We are certain that the list is not complete, please contact us, if we forgot a petition.

Please sign as many as possible:

I.     Amnesty International:

1. Amnesty International Australia:

Free Online Activist Raif Badawi

Campaign Resources:

10. Amnesty International France:


11. Amnesty International Germany:

12. Amnesty International Greece:

Ways to help:

13. Amnesty International Hungary:

14. Amnesty International Ireland:

15. Amnesty International Italy:

16. Amnesty International Japan:

17. Amnesty International Luxembourg:

18. Amnesty International Mexico:

19. Amnesty International Netherlands:

20. Amnesty New Zealand:

22. Amnesty International Paraguay:

Five Ways to help:

23. Amnesty International Poland:

24. Amnesty International Portugal:

25. Amnesty International Russia:

26. Amnesty International Slovak Republc:

27. Amnesty International Slovenia:

28. Amnesty International Korea:

29. Amnesty Spain:

30. Amnesty International Sweden:

31. Amnesty International Switzerland:

32. Amnesty International Taiwan:

33. Amnesty International United Kingdom:

34. Amnesty International Uruguay:

35. Amnesty International USA:

II.    PEN International:

1. PEN International: Take action for Raif Badawi und Waleed Abu Khair:

2. English PEN: Take action for Raif Badawi:

3. PEN America: Take action for Raif Badawi:

III.   Reporters Without Borders:


1. Petitioning Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada Mr. Rob Nicholson: Mr. Rob Nicholson: Protect Raif Badawi from further whippings and do everything you can to secure his freedom, Petition by Amnistie internationale CANADA FRANCOPHONE Canada

2. Petitioning Deutscher Bundestag (and 9 others): Free and safeguard the liberal Saudi Raif Badawy, NO 1000 LASHES!!, Petition by Atheer Al-Ani NRW, Germany

3. Petitioning the Norwegian Nobel Committee: Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Raif Badawi, Petition by  Marijan Martinovic Zagreb, Croatia

4. Petitioning King Salman of Saudi Arabia: Allow Us to Take Lashes for Raif Badawi, Petition by Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice

5. Petitioning UN Human Rights Council: Expel Saudi Arabia, Petition by UN Watch,

6. A Global Appeal from the voice of the people of the world to His Majesty King Salman,

V.    Further Petitions:

1. Free Raif UK: Call for political action to Free Raif Badawi and Waleed Abu Al-Khair (Letter to UK Prime Minister):

2. Free Raif France: Call for political action to President Hollande:

3. vaaz: Sigmar Gabriel: Help free my husband, Petition by Ensaf Haidar:

4. Care 2 Petitions: Save Raif Badawi from 1000 Lashes in Saudi Arabia, Petition by Amnesty International Australia:

5. Go Petition: Free Raif Badawi, Saudi Blogger Sentenced To Ten Years, 1000 Lashes!, Petition by John S. Burke:

6. 38 Degrees: Stop Raif Badawi’s 950 lashes:

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