Pledge to protest for Raif Badawi

Pledge to protest for Raif Badawi

If they flog Raif again we must be ready to take action - Pledge your support to English PEN's Campaign!

Like millions of others across the world, we are demanding an end to the flogging of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi. However, if further floggings do go ahead, we must be in a position to take immediate action.

With that in mind, we are gathering the names and contact details of organisations and individuals who would be willing to join a mass protest outside the Saudi Embassy in London in the event that Badawi receives further lashes. We hope that the threat of such an action will make the Saudi authorities aware of the level of outrage such punishment will cause.


We would plan to hold the protest in the afternoon on the day after Raif Badawi is flogged in order to allow those from outside London to join us. If you are prepared to consider joining a protest at short notice, please provide us with your details.

Thank you.

NB. We will only use your details to contact you about this campaign, unless you agree otherwise, and they will not be published. Nor will we sell or transfer personal data to any third party.

English PEN will also be continuing to organise regular vigils outside the Saudi Embassy in London on the last Friday of every month. The next one will be taking place on 26 June. Do join us.

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