Samar Badawi, sister of Raif imprisoned in Saudi Arabia

Samar Badawi, sister of Raif imprisoned in Saudi Arabia

From FREERAIFUK - We have just heard that Samar Badawi, the sister of free speech activist Raif Badawi has just been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. Samar has heroically continued to campaign for the release of her brother and her husband the lawyer Waleed Abu Alkhair. Waleed represented Raif in his trial and is also a free speech campaigner.

Samar’s contribution to women’s rights and human rights has been recognised internationally. She has continued to be an important source of information for those wanting to know what is going on there.

We understand that she has been imprisoned for her activity on Twitter.

This latest development is very disturbing. It is an indication that the repression continues to grow in Saudi Arabia. It is also an indication that the British government has been totally ineffective in pursuing human rights reform in Saudi Arabia. Its claims that it has a useful relationship with the Saudi tyrants is nonsense.

Protest against Samar’s imprisonment – release all political prisoners – end the repression. Don’t let the British government continue to be silent about this. #FreeSamar

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