The Raif Badawi Award For Courageous Journalists

The Raif Badawi Award For Courageous Journalists

The case of the Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi tragically shows how dangerous it can be to raise your voice in the Arab world. For sharing his thoughts on politics, religion and freedom in his blog „Free Saudi Liberals“, Badawi was sentenced to ten years of prison, a fine of about 200.000,00 Euros and 1.000 lashes. His brave fight for a free society has moved people all over the world. Raif Badawi is a role model for everyone promoting human rights.


The Raif Badawi Award for courageous journalists was initiated by his wife Ensaf Haidar and the international media alliance to remember Raif Badawi’s legacy and to honor outstanding commitment for freedom of expression. It recognizes the commitment of brave journalists and activists and raises awareness for human rights violations in the Arab world. The ceremony will take place during the gala “Bundesmedienball” on November 13th 2015 in Berlin, a yearly event for media workers. Ensaf Haidar will be part of an international jury which will pick the laureate. The Award will be granted to a distinguished personality who has proven an exceptional personal dedication for initiating social and political change and who has questioned established structures and authorities in the Arab world.

The project is organized by the international media alliance, a nonprofit organization that aims at building networks among journalists all over the world and at promoting freedom of expression and differentiated coverage.

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