Freedom Inside - by Rejana Woock and Jürgen Solis

Freedom Inside - by Rejana Woock and Jürgen Solis

This is a freedom song for the freeing of Raif Badawi and every soul that is expressing their inner truth. Raif Badawi has been sentenced to ten years in prison and 1000 lashes plus a fine in 2014 for having set up a website for peaceful discussion about religion and religious figures.
Lets stand up for our human rights. Lets spread the message : We want him free. We want to see him reunited with his wife and children.
May justice come.


Let us start to spread the earth with the love that we need
Let us take each others hand and feel the beat
Of hundreds of hearts that all seek for the same
Freedom of mind and of soul

Let us free from our caves that have kept us so small
Let us grow into our strength and realis now
That the beauty we've searched for has always been near
We are the angels on earth

Let us dive into the truth of united love
Where there is no need for boundries and no need for thoughts
Of limitation and fear that all leads to a place
Where the sun has no space to shine

Let us jump onto the wave of growing love
Let us go back to the source of truth and trust
Where we know that everything is going to be fine
When we stay inside of our hearts

Lyrics by Rejana Woock
Composition and arrangement by Rejana Woock and Jürgen Solis
Viola by Nadaprem (thank you brother )
Vocals by Rejana Woock and Jürgen Solis
Piano by Jürgen Solis
Thanks to everyone participating into this heart project.

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