Bono - on Raif badawi

Bono - on Raif badawi

At their concert in Montreal last night, U2 made a tremendous tribute to Raif Badawi. Amnesty International had arranged the support, along with tickets for Raif's wife Ensaf Haidar. During the concert the giant screen displayed the photograph of Raif with his 3 children as Bono told all the world to support him.


"Raif has been sentenced to the most barbaric punishment. Raif has been sentenced to a thousand lashes and a ten year prison sentence.
For only a peaceful website allowing people to express what they think.

We believe there are good people in Saudi Arabia who will hear this, who will hear your voices. All the way, from this great country, they will listen to you.

So, when they are released - and they will be released, those folks that Amnesty fight for, particularly Raif - it will be... a Beautiful Day."

Bono - June 17th, 2015

 u2 montreal4

The photo of Raif and his children comes on the giant screen in Montreal

ensaf u2

U2 meet Ensaf

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